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If your business can’t operate without you, you don’t have a business, you have a job. 

Being a founder is hard, especially if the business is dependent on you to function or close deals. 

This is why building thoughtful processes that will standardize operations and distribute institutional knowledge throughout the organization is so important. 

We all want to spend time with family, travel, enjoy our hobbies, and have downtime to decompress. A standardized foundation of repeatable processes can give you the freedom to do those things and not worry that your team is at risk.

Is this situation something that you can relate to?

Most small business owners share that they wish they had more time or could "clone themselves". While science hasn't yet cracked the cloning code yet, we can set up your business to be more efficient so more gets done in less time, tedious admin work is automated, and bottlenecks are removed.

Here are a few key areas to consider:

  • Document your existing processes - This will give you a holistic perspective of your business operations from top to bottom and highlight areas for improvement.

  • Define clear roles and responsibilities for each position in the company - When your team knows where they start, end, and the next role begins, they have direction and are empowered to do more meaningful work and help others accomplish theirs.

  • Evaluate your tech stack - There are so many incredible software platforms available that can transform how your business operates but if you choose the wrong one, it can be an expensive mistake. Ensure that the tools you sign up for are going to meet your business needs and fit your budget.

  • Work with an expert - You don't have to go it alone and figure it out yourself. When you work with an expert, you'll realize the benefits and return on investment sooner.


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