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How to choose the right enterprise software for your business.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Why buy a Swiss Army knife when all you need is a pair of scissors?

There are thousands of business solutions on the market that do a lot of great things, but you only need the software that will solve the problems you're facing, help increase sales, and improve efficiency.

A few key points to consider:

✅ It has to solve a problem.

- What problem is it eliminating, and how will that help the business? Quantify this.

- Does it streamline a process and make your workflow more efficient? Will it actually make an impact?

🔌 It has to integrate seamlessly.

- Does it easily integrate with existing systems? Make sure to avoid creating a bigger problem than the one you're trying to solve.

- Is the system intuitive? If it's hard to learn, no one will use it.

🙌 It has to benefit your team.

- Does it help the sales team without creating more work for them? If it creates a burden, no one will use it.

- Does it get in the way of the team doing their job, or does it make their job easier? If it makes their job harder, no one will use it.

- Does it benefit management more than the team? There better be a strong business case here, otherwise, no one will use it!

💸 It has to make financial sense.

- Will implementing this technology move the needle for sales? How?

- What is the ROI, and how long will it take to achieve that return? Can you actually measure the promised ROI?

📈 Is it the right fit for us?

- After considering all of the above points, you should have a pretty good feel if a given platform is right for your organization. This is the most important question that should be answered when evaluating software for your business.

My recommendations:

The below platforms work, really well. I've put them through their paces and know, firsthand, that they can make a difference for your business. This is why I've partnered with them. If you ever have questions about business software or need help with implementation, please reach out and schedule a consultation.

CRM Sales & Marketing: HubSpot

Project Management:

VOIP: Aircall

Contact Database: ZoomInfo

e-Sign Docs: PandaDoc


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