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Never Quit - How Mental Perseverance Can Help You Close the Deal

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Failure is part of success. If you've chosen a path in sales, the sooner you become comfortable with this idea, the better. There will be many swings and misses when prospecting, identifying potential new clients, and making cold calls. What is crucial is that, along the way, you maintain focus on the fact that building a full sales pipeline is a process that evolves over time. Below are some key factors to keep top of mind so you stay on target to achieve your goals.

Nothing is permanent

Just because you called a highly-qualified prospect this morning, doesn't mean they are looking for a solution that your product or service addresses, let alone ready to sign a contract. But just because it didn't work out today, doesn't mean it never will.

  • Only 3% of the market is actively buying

  • 60% are not ready

  • 37% are at some stage of the decision process

Situations change

Market conditions are no longer favorable, or perhaps a new initiative was created for the fiscal year, which may now create a need for your product or service. Not to mention that, at any given time, your contact could get promoted, fired, or move on to another company. Maybe someone new in that role will be more open to new ideas. Your ideas. But, if you don't call or email them again, how will you know?

Persistence Pays Off

Top sales reps don't do anything special or remarkably different than mid-level reps. What separates them is consistency and persistence. Get your process dialed in and do it every day. When you are consistently following your process, and watching for opportunities to improve along the way, that is when the numbers start to tip in your favor. The numbers below tell the story of persistence.

  • Only 2% of sales happen during the first point of contact

  • 3% on the second

  • 5% on the third

  • 10% on the fourth

  • 80% on the 5th-12th point of contact

Never give up.


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