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How to write more compelling emails. - Stop saying, "I'd love to..."

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Write better emails

Emails with the phrase, "I'd love to..." are about you, not your prospect/client.

Don't say:

❌ "I'd love to schedule some time to discuss how I can help."

❌ "I'd love to hear your feedback on my proposal."

❌ "I'd love to talk about the challenges you're facing this quarter."

Every interaction with your prospects and clients should deliver value to them. That could be as simple as a news article that you thought they might find interesting, a reminder that they haven't placed their monthly PO so they don't run out of product, or even a comment about how the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 😁. Building relationships drives value too.

The prospect/client doesn't care what you would love to do. They are 100% focused on their own objectives and problems that need to be solved. So, what's in it for them?

Instead, say:

✅ "Do you have 15 minutes open on your calendar to discuss how to improve sales conversion?"

✅ "If you have 15 minutes available next week, I can show you how we prevent employee burnout."

✅ "I've been helping clients get 1-2 hours of their day back by implementing more efficient processes. Are you open to a quick 15-minute conversation to see if I can help you too?"

These questions are about THEM. Asking for 15 minutes is less imposing than asking for a meeting. It quantifies the potential commitment you're asking for. These questions also address a potential topic or issue that they are dealing with, pinpointing the value that you can deliver.


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